About The Doctor

Dr. Aziza Askari earned her undergraduate degree in Pharmacology from the University of Sciences in Philadelphia. Upon completion of her degree, she enrolled at Temple University’s esteemed School of Dentistry where she graduated with honors and received a Doctorate in Dental Medicine combined with an MBA. Dr. Askari is passionate about providing her patients with thorough and compassionate dental care while utilizing state-of-the-art technology. In addition to her educational background, Dr. Azkari continues to further her professional knowledge through continuing education. She regularly attends over 150 credit hours of courses annually and focuses on the latest advancements in dentistry so that she is able to provide the best care possible to her patients.

A chief priority and special interest for Dr. Askari is the treatment of TMJ disorders and TMJ misalignment. She understands that temporomandibular joint dysfunction affects the oral health and overall wellbeing of her patients. She offers diverse treatment options for patients who suffer with TMJ disorders. With TMJ dysfunction, she takes an approach to relieve the facial muscles of tension, stress, and strain. She employs four different types of massage therapy to relieve tense muscles: manual massage, micro current nerve stimulation, ultrasound massage, and cold laser muscle treatments. These massage methods address the muscle memory problems associated with TMJ disorder and relieve the pain associated with misaligned joints.

For occusal (bite) dysfunctions that result from TMJ disorder, Dr. Askari uses computer imaging to monitor misaligned bite problems. Her computer software monitors muscle activity with electromyogram (EMG) technology. Additionally, she uses technology to record and slow down the biting motions so that she can show patients precisely where and when their temporomandibular joints  are misaligned.

Dr. Askari focuses, in all aspects of her practice, on patient education. She works hard to explain the root causes of TMJ dysfunction and address the disorder properly, to limit the likelihood of recurrence and to ease her patients’ discomfort.

If you believe you have TMJ disorder, contact Dr. Askari at (248) 566-6490 to schedule an appointment at Comfort Dental Spa. Dr. Askari is committed to providing comprehensive care to her patients. Our staff serves residents of Farmington Hills, Southfield, Northfield, Livonia, Dearborn, and the surrounding Detroit communities.

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