Have TMJ Disorder? 3 Things To Give Up

It’s easy to overlook little things you do throughout the day that make TMJ disorder worse. Fortunately, identifying and addressing these things is often as easy as speaking with us about making positive lifestyle choices that promote jaw health. Curious about whether you could be making some better decisions for your TMJs? Consider a few common changes that may benefit you. 

Habit #1: Your Daily Ice Snack

Do you like to fill up a cup of ice because it’s cooling, crunchy, and free of calories? While you may find many benefits, it’s bad both for your teeth and your TMJ disorder. Seek out softer foods to snack on instead or simply drink water if it’s hydration you’re after.

Habit #2: Foods That Require Work

All solid food requires you to perform some amount of work with your mouth. It’s important that you find a balance that works for your TMJs, so your TMJ disorder can heal, rather than worsen. For example, soft foods like applesauce, soup, Jell-O, and smoothies do not require much force from your teeth and jaws. Try to incorporate soft, easy-to-chew foods. Try to stay away from anything very hard, tough, or sticky that makes your TMJs go into serious overtime.

Habit #3: Stress

Right, this is much easier said than done. Some forms of stress are even considered beneficial because they motivate you to do well! However, if you are dealing with ongoing stress, tension, and anxiety, this can exacerbate an existing TMJ disorder. Why? Because it will result in tensed muscles, thereby placing consistent stress on your jaw joints. Seek out methods of managing stress, so you (and your TMJs) can relax.


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