Why Are My Ears Ringing?

Have you noticed lately that you are experiencing ringing in your ears? Perhaps it’s more of a hum or a buzz? If you’ve been hearing something that you’re pretty sure shouldn’t be there, this may be a sign that you are experiencing a problem with your jaw joints called TMJ disorder (TMD). By becoming more familiar with what’s going on and how to treat the concern, you will be on your way toward addressing both the symptom (the ringing) and the underlying cause.

What’s With The Ringing?

The “ringing in your ears” you are noticing is known as “tinnitus.” This is the medical term for a problem that occurs as the result of an underlying medical issue. When it comes to tinnitus caused by oral health problems, it is most often a symptom of TMJ disorder, which occurs when your jaw joints stop functioning properly or suffer from injury. Fortunately, while it is an annoying issue, it is something we can treat by addressing your TMD. Additional symptoms common to jaw joint dysfunction include the following:

  • A jaw that clicks or pops
  • A jaw that becomes stuck occasionally
  • Headaches that occur frequently or on a daily basis
  • Pain in your neck and/or shoulders
  • Irritated, tired, or sore jaws

How To Treat Your Tinnitus

In order to decrease the ringing in your ears, we must treat the contributing factor: Your TMJ disorder. Good news! Treatment will also assist in alleviating the other frustrating symptoms. You can expect to wear an oral splint (a type of mouth guard) to relieve pressure from your TMJs. We may also suggest aligning your teeth with orthodontic treatment or improving your bite with restorations to promote balance that protects your jaw joints.


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