Tips for Chronic Headache Relief

They can strike at any moment, and for some people, they might not go away easily, or they might return consistently despite all efforts to treat them. In different degrees of severity and consistency, headaches are perhaps among the most common forms of chronic discomfort, and can originate from a wide variety of issues. To the surprise of many patients, that source is often a dental one—a jaw dysfunction known as TMJ disorder. To help you ease the discomfort, especially if it results from TMJ disorder, we offer a few tips for chronic headache relief at home, until you can seek professional treatment from your TMJ experts.

Ease the Discomfort

Try a massage

TMJ discomfort often stems from tense, overworked, and exhausted jaw joints (TMJs) and muscles. If they’re especially tense and your head hurts because of it, try massaging the joints, located just in front of each ear, with the tips of your fingers. For more comprehensive relief, seek a professional massage for at least an hour, and recommend that they focus on your head, jaw, and neck areas.

Use Hot and Cold to Your Advantage

Ice packs and heating pads are always good to keep on hand, and can be used alternately to relax tense craniofacial muscles and relieve the pain. Heat will loosen your jaw and facial muscles, while cold will help numb and alleviate the discomfort. For maximum results, you can change between hot and cold every 10-15 minutes until the headache subsides.

Try Conscious Relaxation

If you can identify the most influential stress factors in your life, you can make a conscious effort to try and eliminate, resolve, or simply ignore the anxiety. Use up your vacation time whenever you get a chance; set part of a certain day every week to do something relaxing; or find a hobby that takes your mind off stress and help ease the aches and pains associated with it.


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