Farmington Hills TMJ Dentist Explains the Role of Botox

BotoxTemporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) effects over 35 million people. The condition is the second-leading cause of musculoskeletal problems. The causes of TMD can be elusive, but the damage and discomfort is ever obvious. Inflammation of the TMJs (jaw joints) can lead to a plethora of unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, neck pain, earaches, difficulty opening the jaw, and of course jaw pain. Your Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, would like to tell you about one treatment that may be surprising to people suffering from TMJ discomfort: botox. Continue reading

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How Pressure Affects TMD

womanwonderingblazerAre you feeling a bit unsure about things you’re doing to make your TMJ disorder worse? Perhaps you assume that as long as you’re not doing anything really overwhelming, like trying to bite into something extremely hard, that you aren’t contributing to your TMD problem. Unfortunately, there are some factors that commonly fly under the radar, which you may be overlooking completely. In many instances, different types of pressure are serious culprits in exacerbating the situation. Let’s cover a few major items, so you know what to avoid.

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2 Times To Remain Open Minded About TMD

2redWhen you’re dealing with TMJ disorder, particularly if you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, you may think to yourself that some sort of surgery or serious medication must be in order. Something is going to help you stop the popping, the discomfort, and the headaches! However, when it comes down to receiving TMJ treatment you may find yourself feeling a little resistant to what we have to offer. Why? Well, it might not be an intensive as you assumed it might be, considering that discomfort and frustration you’ve been experiencing. Allow us to explain a couple times this may happen, why, and what to do.

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3 Common Questions: TMD Relief

3balloonredAre you an individual suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD) and your current priority is finding relief from uncomfortable symptoms like pain and tenderness? If so, we are ready to guide you with the help of some frequently asked questions (and their answers). Keep in mind, while suggestions for addressing your discomfort with fast fixes are helpful, it’s also extremely important that you agree to TMD treatment. As a result, the combination of efforts will ensure we protect your jaw joints from future damage.

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